Steered Straight Youth Mentoring
One - One Counseling


Steered Straight, Inc. is a non-profit organization that brings prevention and intervention messages into schools and centers to carry consequential messages about drugs, gangs, and criminal activity to youth using professional messengers. Our speakers are successfully acclimated ex-offenders, male and female who have all suffered negative consequences for negative life decisions, however small they might have been.

We also offer a mentoring program whereby an at-risk youth is in need of one-on-one mentoring. The initial contact consists of two meetings, and takes place after the parent or guardian inquires about assistance. A mentor will meet initially with the youth, preferably at their home, and talk with them for at least an hour or two. The second meeting can take place at the home, or can take place in a public setting such as a mall or restaurant. Both meetings should take place out of the immediate presence of the parent/guardian, but within close proximity.

Details of the discussion are not shared with the parent, unless the youth indicates he wants to harm himself or others. That information is shared immediately, and the parent is asked to contact law enforcement or school behavioral counselors. Other details of the discussion are kept between the mentor and the youth, and that is what the youth is told. This is to gain trust and respect on both parts.

We are not professional social workers, counselors or psychologists. We in no way condone or recommend any medical or prescription regimen for the treatment of behavioral problems. We benefit from life experiences that few professionals can identify with nor share with a troubled youth. Our programs are all based on Rational Emotive Behavioral Thinking (REBT) and Cognitive Therapy. This is basically teaching the youth about Consequential Thinking.

If, after two meetings, both the youth and their parents/guardians desire further mentoring, a schedule will be made on a case-by-case basis. The cost of the initial two meetings is $60.00 each, and payable to the mentor.

Direct inquiries and comments to:
Surface Mail: Steered Straight, Inc.;
P.O. Box 842
Millville, NJ 08332-0842
Telephone: (856) 691-6676