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Steered Straight, Inc. is a non-profit educational and prevention / intervention organization, committed to reaching children, teens, and young adults with a message of reality about life choices and the importance of consequential thinking so they understand that there are consequences to their actions.

We are booking presentations for the 2012-2013 school year. Every county in New Jersey is reporting gang presence. School districts statewide report increases in adolescent drug and alcohol use. Bullying and school violence is again on the upswing, both statewide and nationally. Our presentations are critical for intervention and prevention of these dangerous social adolescent issues.

An excellent example of Steered Straight's activities was the subject of a recent story written by Stephen Smith of The News of Cumberland County. A copy of that article can be found via this link.

Straight Talk -- "Inter-Active Anti-Bullying Program"

Steered Straight has been quickly expanding its Bullying Pre- vention Program throughout New Jersey’s elementary, middle, and high schools, thus impacting and affecting students.

The Straight Talk Bullying and Bias Assembly is a unique way to address the growing problem of bullying and the increasing need for effective prevention. The uniqueness in Straight Talk is through the messenger; people that have lived with, witnessed, and have been directly impacted by the consequences of bullying and bullying violence. Details can be found here.

Founding partner of ACES "Aliance for Comprehensive and Effective Strategies" for Bullying Prevention. Click here to reach the ACES website, and here to view the NJ Resource Guide (in PDF format).

With New Jersey’s anti-bullying climate and the subsequent methods of criminalizing bullying and bullying behavior, the messengers of Steered Straight are especially relevant and unmatched in presentation effectiveness. A full discussion can be found by clicking this link: Steered Straight Anti-Bullying Program. View a related article from the "OC Gazette" here.

Links to bullying-related sites can also be found here.

Every 4 minutes a child
is arrested for drug abuse.
Every 5 minutes a child
is arrested for violent crime.
Every 92 minutes a child
is killed with a firearm.
Every 2 hours a child
is a homicide victim.
Every 4 hours a child
commits suicide.
The Messenger
It is often said to focus more   on the message than on the messenger. But when the message is about drug and alcohol prevention, or avoiding gangs and criminal activity --   the messenger is as critical as the message.
Effects of Incarceration on Children of the Incarcerated

This is a one-hour seminar about the effects of incarceration on children of the incarcerated. On any given day, over 1.5 million children in this country have a parent serving a sentence in a state or federal prison. This seminar is geared towards professionals and volunteers that deal with children who are affected by incarceration.

Professional Development Workshops
PD Workshop Attendees Click Here.
We have developed our Professional Development Training for Educators in areas that specifically address the changing trends involving youth as they relate to bullying, drug and alcohol use/abuse, and gangs and violence. Our workshops reference New Jersey State and Federal mandates as well as school policies and procedures related to each subject area. They are extremely interesting, unmatched in eye-opening understanding, and have been touted by hundreds of educators in surveys that these workshops are unlike any they've attended. Provide your educators with workshops that will not only supply a clear vision of the knowledge they need related to these subjects, but will change the way they interact with students. Professional Development

Youth Outreach Programs
2011-2012 Presentation Tour -- Steered Straight expands its school presentation tour throughout the tri-state area. We continue to partner with former NFL players Thomas Tapeh, Hank Poteat, and Tim Massaquoi.

Football Camps -- Steered Straight regrets to announce that the football camps have been cancelled due to issues that are beyond our ability to control. Please contact us if further explanation is needed.
Presentation Tour -- Steered Straight announces the addition of former NFL players Thomas Tapeh & Tim Massaquoi to the organization's 2010-2011 school presentation tour. Click here for more information!

Recreation -- We began a youth basketball league in Bridgeton, NJ that involved over 100 youths from the area. Founded and facilitated by John Fuqua, it was a huge success and continues through the summer and into the fall.

Educational Trips -- We have started educational field trips where we are bringing groups of 15 youths to various locations for tours, seminars, and guidance about career choices. Our initial trip was to the New Jersey Motorsports Park where kids learned about careers in motor sports and got to ride the Go-Karts on professional tracks. Upcoming events include visits to the Regional Medical Center, Six Flags, Wildwood, and the Sheriff's Department.
Steered Straight also took a group of Cumberland youths on a tour of the historic Landis Theater in Vineland, NJ. Students were exposed to the many career opportunities in the production of live theater. They were treated to a matinee performance of "Titanic -- The Musical". Some photos are shown at the bottom of this page.

If you would like to help Steered Straight provide educational or career tours of your business or facility, or to involve your youth in Steered Straight tours, please contact John Fuqua at 856-691-6676.
Current Activities
This year we have brought presentations into every county and into nearly every juvenile detention center in NJ. We are seeking both networking and financial support in order for us to reach more youth with our powerful prevention and intervention messages. We need to convince them of the negative consequences of drug and alcohol use and gang involvement. Please reach out to us, and let us know how you can help Steered Straight get into more schools and centers.
OCJS TAG Program
Steered Straight is the contracted Anti-Gang facilitator for Ocean County Juvenile Services. We provide an early intervention program for Ocean County schools with the purpose of educating young minds about the dangerous consequences of gang affiliation and drugs, alcohol, and bullying, as it all relates to gang activity. Click here for details.
Steered Straight News
September 14, 2012 -- Steered Straight recently participated in the Governor's Council on Alcoholism and Drug Abuse (GCADA) Summit. We conducted a workshop there which was very well received. Click on the icon below to access both a handout and a powerpoint presentation that describe that workshop.

November 2, 2009 –- Steered Straight delivers its most powerful prevention seminar to date. Joining Steered Straight was Atlantic City native and Def Jam Recording Artist Young Leek, Robert ‘Midget’ Molley, recently featured on the History Channel, the Biography Channel, and BET’s American Gangster series, and NJ up-and-coming Youth Organization "FED-UP 4U" featuring James Cooper. Steered Straight will be collaborating with these powerful messengers to bring powerful prevention and intervention seminars to tri-state area schools.

August 1, 2009 -- Steered Straight, Inc. has entered discussions with The Messages Project to partner with that important organization to bring their non-profit program to New Jersey prisons.

Award-winning film and video producer Carolyn LeCroy, who has been recognized by CNN as a CNN Hero, runs this critically important organization. Its goal is to help bridge the communication gap between children of the incarcerated and their parents.

Please visit The Messages Project website to learn more. (http://www.themessageproject.org)


"Steered Straight" -- Helping to purge misconceptions from the world. We focus on the students' at-hand information and influences, while trying to influence their healthy behaviors, decisions, and life-choices.

"Steered Straight" -- Because you can't "scare" kids "straight" today; you can only steer them toward a positive lifestyle.

"Steered Straight" -- A non-profit organization that is in the business of adding value to young people's lives. We bring a thorough message of prevention to the youth of America to steer them towards the right path.

Striving Towards Effective Educated Reality Every Day

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The involvement of parents in intervention and prevention programs is crucial to their success. Indeed, that involvement is the most critical factor in the program's lasting effects on the child.
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