Steered Straight Presentations
and Motivational Seminars

"Our primary curriculum based on REBT and consequential thinking"

"Inter-active anti-bullying program"

UNDER THE INFLUENCE Prevention Program
"Drug and alcohol awareness seminars"

T.A.G. Program
"Truth About Gangs" Gang Prevention Program

G.R.A.D. Program
"Gang Renouncement And Denouncement"

WHY THE STREETS? Presentation
"Why the suburbs are a magnet for street gangs"

M.A.N. UP! Presentation to Male Groups
"Moving away from negativity"

Motivational Seminars

Steered Straight, Inc. encompasses specific and/or multi-component programs that involve everyone from parents to teachers to community leaders and neighboring residents. Our programs encourage children to bond with positive adult role models and seek out existing community prevention programs.

The focus of Steered Straight, Inc. is on early intervention, the importance of academic skills, with connection and open communication to adult role models, social and life skills, as well as rational and cognitive thinking.

Our program delivers a dramatic message about the dangers of violence, drug and alcohol abuse, gang involvement and criminal activity without shocking the audience.

We present a 2-hour message that is catered to the specific needs of the school:

1. The message is catered to the racial makeup of the audience, the age group, and the problem areas that particular school body is having, if any.

2. Three to four speakers are used for each presentation.

3. The bulk of the presentation will be in motivational messaging and consists of specific educational lecture topics involving youth issues.

4. Interaction with the audience, role-playing, and a question and answer period will make up the remainder of the presentation.

5. A videotape of the presentation can be presented to the school once completed for a nominal fee.

Our goal is to reach as many children as possible. In doing so, there are costs; including transportation, literature, video, phone, administrative, and operational costs to expand Steered Straight, Inc. into other school districts. We have a nominal fee of $750.00 to cover these expenses. We do anticipate government, private and foundational funding to eventually cover some of our costs.

A follow-up visit is also offered for $500.00, where 2 – 4 speakers return to the school to visit each classroom that attended the presentation. A more catered message is delivered to each class about the lessons and topics that were discussed. We also work with different agencies that cater to teen hotlines, help lines, etc., and educational literature is shared with each child.

To schedule your speaking engagement, please contact:

Michael DeLeon President
(856) 691-6676


Direct inquiries and comments to:
Surface Mail: Steered Straight, Inc.;
P.O. Box 842
Millville, NJ 08332-0842
Telephone: (856) 691-6676