The Steered Straight Curriculum

The Curriculum

Today’s youth have led us into a new millennium.  Yet we have heard continuous talk about “at-risk” youth and the moral deterioration of our children.  We must ask ourselves what is being taught.  It is the year 2011.  Now is the time for new behavior.

The Steered Straight Curriculum is cutting edge when it comes to building and repairing character.  It enhances the understanding and the importance of planning for the future.  It uniquely stimulates the desire to do good, and sets new procedures for the learning process.  It has proven to be most effective when used for the intervention and prevention of negative behaviors.  Specifically:

·        It offers intervention and prevention of criminal behaviors.

·        It cuts the recidivism rates of youthful offenders.

·        It inspires many to understand the aberration conduct and decomposition of a youth, which begins slowly — almost imperceptibly — and how it can be stopped.

·        It is designed to educate, inform, and bring about a true understanding of the many opportunities one can attain.

The Author

The Steered Straight Curriculum has been created by Michael DeLeon, who founded the Steered Straight Organization.  He has now turned his life around, and is a successful motivational speaker to tens of thousands of youth and adults about gang awareness, drug addiction and consequential thinking. 

Steered Straight Curriculum

"Our primary curriculum based on REBT and consequential thinking"

G.R.A.D. Program
"Gang Renouncement And Denouncement"

M.A.N. UP! Curriculum
"Moving away from negativity"

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