Straight Talk – Anti-Bullying Program

Bullying – Bullying & Bias

The Straight Talk Bullying and Bias assembly is a unique way to address the growing, problem of bullying and the increasing need for effective prevention. The uniqueness in Straight Talk is through the messenger; people that have lived with, witnessed, and have been directly impacted by the consequences of bullying and bullying violence. With New Jersey ’s. aggressive approach to reduce the bullying climate and the subsequent approach through the Anti-Bullying Bill of Rights that in many cases, criminalize bullying and bullying behavior, the messengers of Steered Straight are especially relevant and unmatched in presentation effectiveness. A flier describing the program can be found here.

There are three roles in bullying: The Bully, The Target and The Bystanders.  We refer to these roles as the Bully Triangle.  Many bullying prevention assemblies focus on one or two parts of the Bully Triangle; The Bully and/or The Target.  So much time is spent on how to recognize a bully and how to empower the tarter that the bystanders continue to believe they are innocent factors in the equation.  Many prevention assemblies focus on empowering the bystanders and although in some ways, the Bystanders are the key to solving the problem, they are only one-third of the situation.  The best approach is to take Steered Straight’s TRIANGULATION approach to Bullying Prevention.  Until these students realize that serious criminal consequences attach to bullying situations, they will continue to misbelieve that bullying is just part of being a kid.

 Bullying needs to be explained to understand what it is:

  • Direct Bullying done directly to someone
  • Indirect Bullying done behind someone’s back
  • Bullying can be Incident Based or Relationship Based
  • Bullying can take place through many different mediums, and each is equally consequential.

Bullying is based on DIFFERENCE. Students need to be presented with all examples and forms of diversity:

  • Race/Ethnic/Cultural
  • Religious, Social Class, Disability
  • Gender Identification, Sexual Orientation

Students need to be taught through being shown actual incidents that there are serious consequences and sometimes life-changing effects of allowing bullying to occur:

  • Real-life examples of tragic stories, mostly local
  • Someone can be sued from bullying
  • Someone can face criminal prosecution resulting in prison time for bullying
  • Understanding of New Jersey’s Anti-Bullying Law (18A:37-13 et seq.)

Students need to understand all three players, Bully, Target and Bystanders

Bullying Prevention is accomplished through the triangular approach, addressing each participant with emphasis on the bully and the bullying behavior:

  • The Target has the power and resources all around them and they need to be heard
  • Bystanders can become Upstanders to do something to improve the school climate
  • Bystanders should speak up when they see or hear something they think is wrong.
  • The BULLY needs to understand that accountability is elevated as are consequences.  It needs to be made real to them.

Straight Talk is an emotionally charged, powerful assembly program that brings to light the very real consequences of allowing bullying to continue. Students will be changed by what they see and hear through video stories, real life speakers, and instruction in empowerment. Too many of our students believe that telling on a bully or bringing the bullying to the attention of staff is snitching. A recent interview of a 6th grader on Good Morning America brought to light the perception that “Snitches Get Stitches”. This erroneous perception must be eliminated. Students need to empower themselves to change the climate within themselves. They need to understand that they have the power and that they are the only ones that can change things.

This assembly will impact students. The cognitive lessons and coping mechanisms that are taught through research-based best practices that are formatted presentations that will enable students to habitually draw on these cognitive tools the next time they are a witness to bullying. Not only will their conscience be activated, but also they will find new self-aggrandizing power in standing up against negative behavior.

Following this assembly, they will no longer feel it is okay to watch someone else be tormented or harassed; they will speak up on behalf of those who are the targets of bullies.  Targets will understand that they can be heard and taken seriously.  Bullies will understand what awaits them if they continue their behavior.

It is time to empower the bystanders by letting them know that their silence is no longer an option and that they have the power to change the school climate.


We present a 1 to 2-hour message that will cover completely the current dangerous trends in bullying and will be catered to the specific needs of the school:

1.      The message is interactive using video and live stories

2.      The message includes hands-on activities and activities left with the school to reiterate the message through various writing and teaching exercises

3.      The bulk of the presentation will be in motivational messaging and will consist of specific informational segments about consequences

4.      Interaction with the audience, role playing, and a question and answer period will follow the main presentation

5.      Resources for further information are shared with the audience. We also work with different agencies that cater to teen hotlines, help lines, etc… and prevention literature is shared with each child.

We have a nominal fee of $750 for this presentation.

Please contact: Michael DeLeon at 856-691-6676 to schedule your presentation